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Brapegas is a leading manufacturer in the Oil Country Tubular Goods. Our main products consists of seamless casing, tubing, drill pipe, lines pipes and connectors used for the oil and natural gas exploration, drilling and extraction, and other components in the Oil and Gas industry.


Best tools on Industry


Highly specialised employees


Industries Experience

Drones for facilities control

Improved supervision

Drone supervision is a cost effective solution for industrial facilities such as chemical plants, refineries and manufacturing sites. Surveillance includes means overseeing processes, structure quality and equipment failure. For more information click here.


Pipes for use in the industry, supporting structures for different projects.

CNC Machining

We offer manufacturing process and software for factory tools and machinery.

Oil Valves

We provide different types of valves used in the petrochemical industry for: Modulate fluid, change direction of the flow, regulate the pressure, amongst others.

Refinery Chemicals

Check our range of components and chemicals used for the oil industry operations.


Physical and aerial inspection through the use of drones which provide optimal quality image.

Oil rigs components

Quality components for efficient and safe operation.